About Us

Young Voter PAC is a political action group dedicated to harnessing the youth vote to help Democrats win elections to political office. The youth vote has emerged as an increasing important voting bloc in recent years. The Democratic Party is in an excellent position to win over this segment of the population. Unfortunately, historically young voters between 18 and 30 have turned out in smaller numbers at election booths than other demographic groups. Consequently, politicians have traditionally ignored the youth vote. Now that the young voters are emerging as increasingly important in elections, politicians from both parties are unsure how to harness this bloc of potential swing voters.

In the last decade, young voters have been one of the fastest-growing politically active demographic groups in the nation. Far from being apathetic, they are becoming increasingly aware that many of the big issues of the day are vitally important to them. After all, young voters are the ones fighting our country's wars. They are the ones struggling to find decent jobs in a ruined economy. And they'll be trying to raise their families in education, environmental, and medical mess left to them.

It's well known that, on average, young people lean to the left politically. They are still idealistic and hopeful. They have not yet become so mired in the status quo that they are afraid to change anything. On the contrary, they want change and still believe it is possible to build a better future. Every young voter we can get into the booths on Election Day is a potential vote for progressive policies.