Young Voter Pac

Young Voter PAC is dedicated to helping candidates learn how to reach out and engage young voters in the political dialogue, to earn their support and their vote.

What We Want

What we want, quite simply, is to engage young voters in the American political dialogue as much as possible. For decades, politicians have considered young voters to be disinterested, uninvolved, and apathetic about politics. Consequently, politicians have ignored this demographic group.

We want to see young voters become more involved in the political discussion in your country. We believe that getting young voters more involved in the political process can change the face of American elections, influencing the issues that are discussed and the candidates who win.

Who We Support

The goal of the Young Voter PAC is to support political candidates who reach out to young voters. We want to encourage more political candidates to include young voters in their campaign strategy, to be understanding of young voter's issues are responsive to the interests. To candidates and parties who are responsive to young voter's problems and needs, we will provide financial resources and strategic consultation on how to build a coalition of young voter support. We will help publicize these candidates and their position on the key issues to young Americans. We will encourage young people to register to vote, and to get to the booths on Election Day